Leopardite Meaning + Metaphysical Abilities: 

  • Often used to have out of body journeys
  • Keeps negative energies at bay
  • Gives its keeper strength, courage and energy
  • Emits a solid vibe of stability and warmth
  • Helps to attract only what you need
  • A symbol of personal growth
  • Will invite luck into its keeper’s life
  • Boosts wealth

Leopardite In Healing: 

  • Great stress reliever
  • Encourages compassion for other people
  • Gives emotional support when it is needed
  • Helps to quit bad habits
  • Strengthens positive emotions
  • Leopardite is said to help repair organs and tissue in the body
  • If you are having substantial kidney, liver or gallbladder problems then this crystal is for you
  • Traditionally Leopardite is used to alleviate general pain and discomfort throughout the body