Ocean Jasper Point #130

Ocean Jasper Point #130

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Ocean Jasper Point #69

  • It would help strengthening memory.
  • It could be used for digestive, hepatic, stomach, kidney, intestine, bleeding problems, muscle contractures and joint pains.
  • The ocean jasper would improve the blood and would help curing internal organs.
  • It would be used as an aphrodisiac. It would help feeling in love, would help with sexual activity and would cure impotence and frigidity
  • It would stabilize pregnancy and would help the baby to develop
  • The ocean jasper would help eliminating body toxins and more particularly the ones provoking the body odors and flatulence.
  • It would help stabilizing iodine and sodium in the body and would relieve water retention
  • It would help with seasick and internal ear problems.
  • The ocean jasper would reduce thyroid problems
  • It would be useful against eczema, and skin problems in general
  • It is the stone of vitality.
  • The ocean jasper also has the same general properties than the ones of the Jasper.

11.5 cm H