Crazy Lace

Crazy Lace Meaning + Metaphysical Abilities: 

  • Commonly known to bring joy and happiness to its keepers
  • Gives its keeper support through life
  • Encourages its keeper to reach their goals
  • Said to bring optimistic and positive thoughts
  • Contains a soft, gentle and soothing vibration
  • Promotes flexibility in both actions + thoughts
  • Encourages stability and maturity
  • Effective against traffic / car accidents
  • Great study mate - improves concentration and analytic abilities
  • Gives its keeper an exceptional amount of self esteem
  • Place a piece of Crazy Lace within your workplace to help promote open, positive communication between teammates. It will help to unite and promote common courtesy within the workplace 
  • It is said that if you place a piece of Crazy Lace underneath a spider’s web for 24 hours each month; it will attract love into your life! 

Crazy Lace In Healing: 

  • Traditionally used to help balance emotions
  • Harmonizes Yin + Yang
  • Said to help those with fears of spiders + insects to help overcome it
  • Gives its keeper a new-found self confidence
  • Said to help stimulate the digestive system
  • Known to relieve symptoms of gastro
  • Commonly used to help treat insect bites
  • Encourages its keeper to overcome depression
  • Provides an uplifting feeling
  • Promotes self-acceptance
  • Can help to absorb emotional pain
  • Overcomes negativity and can help to heal anger issues
  • Useful for anyone who has recently been through a trauma / crisis
  • Great for women who are pregnant