Petrified Wood Meaning and Metaphysical Abilities 

  • Calms panic attacks
  • Helps to soothe anxiety, nerves and fears
  • Encourages feelings of security
  • Allows its keeper to accept life for what it is. It will also encourage its keeper to accept people for who they are and what they are
  • Brings an increased sense of awareness
  • Struggling to reach goals? Petrified wood will fill you with determination and courage
  • Helps bring solutions to problems that seem impossible to fix
  • Brings strength and courage to its keeper
  • Find yourself over thinking things? Petrified Wood will enable you to calm your thoughts and justify what is real, and what is imaginary
  • A stone of true transformation
  • Said to bring wealth and prosperity
  • Promotes discipline
  • Encourages determination
  • Said to bring success and good luck to new business adventures
  • Helps you to find the answers you seek

Petrified Wood in Health 

  • Encourages a general feeling of good health
  • Said to help improve skin conditions
  • Traditionally used to help those with osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s
  • Said to help teat teeth and gum issues
  • Helps to stabilise thoughts and thinking patterns
  • If you feel as if you're going backwards in life; this stone will encourage you to take confident strides forward
  • Stabilises and balances emotions

Petrified Wood in Relationships 

  • If you have trouble breaking down barriers and walls in relationships; this stone will help and encourage you to do so
  • If you are in constant fear of getting hurt by your partner; Petrified Wood will allow you to let go of those fears
  • Said to fill relationships full of positivity
  • Getting frustrated with your partner? Feel as though you're going to explode? This stone will prevent you from blowing up and it will allow you to communicate with your partner In a positive and calm way
  • If you or your partner are constantly bringing up the past in fights, this crystal will allow you to only do so in a completely fair and honest way
  • Helps to make you feel content with your relationship
  • Brings harmony and patience into relationships

Petrified Wood for those with psychic abilities 

  • Encourages grounding
  • Great stone for meditation
  • A stone of protection