Strawberry Quartz Meaning and Metaphysical abilities 

  • Most commonly described as a combined form of both clear quartz and rose quartz
  • Provides its keeper with smooth, gentle and calming vibes
  • Feel like you're a bit too self-absorbed? Strawberry Quartz will help you to be more compassionate towards others
  • Can act as a mirror; it will show you things about yourself you never knew
  • Provides inspiration and the creation of new ideas
  • Protects, nurtures and soothes its keeper
  • Like Clear Quartz, Strawberry Quartz will help to amplify other crystals
  • A great study mate! This crystal will enable you to keep focused on the task at hand
  • Said to attract good luck
  • Say goodbye to social anxiety when you have this crystal close by! It will encourage you to step out into the world and show it what you have to offer!
  • Have a family gathering coming up? Put this crystal in the centre of the room to help ease tension and to stop little arguments in their tracks
  • Powerfully protective of its keeper

Strawberry Quartz in Healing 

  • Gives its keeper the power to move on from traumatic memories
  • Enables its keeper to see the light at the end of the tunnel
  • Can help strengthen the bond between a mother and child
  • Stabilises moods
  • Helps to bring chaotic relationships with family members, or close friends to peace and harmony

Strawberry Quartz in Health 

  • Said to be beneficial for those struggling with depression
  • Known to calm those going through panic attacks
  • Promotes a general healthy lifestyle
  • Said to strengthen the growth of an unborn child, is also known to promote good health in pregnant women
  • Traditionally used to promote good gut health
  • Feel tired and run down? Meditate with this crystal to help re-energise your body, mind and spirit

Strawberry Quartz in Relationships 

  • Known to greatly improve relationships
  • Said to be beneficial for those who are going through a break up, or those who have recently lost a loved one
  • Often used to help create a strong, safe bond between partners
  • Great for singles! If you're on the quest to find love; set your intention on this crystal and watch the magic unfold!
  • Can’t stop thinking of past relationships? Afraid to get hurt? Scared of taking the next step? Keep this crystal near to help let go of unnecessary insecurities
  • Attracts love

Strawberry Quartz for those with psychic abilities 

  • Said to help amplify intentions of love
  • Great for those who are starting on their spiritual journey; it will amplify your psychic gifts and ensure you are surrounded by love when you are practicing your gifts
  • Traditionally used to help astral travelling
  • Often used by psychics to help give visions of the future
  • Fantastic for those who practice crystal healing
  • Perfect to use in your crystal grid