Sardonyx Meaning and Metaphysical Abilities 

  • Said to elevate feelings of happiness
  • Great for those who are constantly on the go, it will encourage its keeper to take a step back and analyse their life choices
  • Great for those who feel their life is currently very chaotic - it will encourage and bring peace, relaxation and free time into its keepers’ life
  • Commonly used to help instil a sense of determination and willpower into its keeper’s life
  • Promotes stability
  • Can help show its keeper the reason why they feel the way they do; it can bring supressed memories or feelings to the surface and help to heal its keeper’s soul, working from the inside - out.

Sardonyx in Healing 

  • Perfect for those whose career's or life revolves around healing
  • Great for those who work with Chakras
  • Said to help cleanse the spirit and clean the aura

Sardonyx in Health 

  • If you feel that you have lost all happiness in life, or that you are spiralling into a depression, or even if you feel a pit in your stomach full of anxiety; this crystal can help combat those feelings and stop them in their tracks. It can help to bring a powerful sense of "everything is going to be ok" into its keepers’ life
  • Said to help improve sight, smell and hearing
  • Can help those who struggle with intestinal issues
  • Often used to encourage the absorption of nutrients in the body
  • Traditionally, Sardonyx is used to help treat infections of the kidney and urinary tract
  • Said to help ease the torment of back pain

Sardonyx for those with psychic abilities 

  • A great grounding stone
  • Perfect to use to help replenish energy after you have completed a healing, reading or any sort of psychic work
  • Said to help enhance and improve psychic abilities
  • Great for opening the third eye
  • Can help ward off negative entities

Sardonyx for those in relationships 

  • Feeling suffocated in your relationship? Introduce a piece of Sardonyx into your life to help create a sense of openness, and to help encourage a line of communication between you and your loved one
  • Said to help regain love and affection from a partner who may have distanced themselves previously
  • Traditionally used to bring back loved ones into its keepers’ life
  • Single? Sardonyx is said to help attract a partner into its keepers’ life when the crystal intention is set for that specific purpose