Yellow Serpentine Meaning + Metaphysical meaning: 

  • Often referred to as a "first aid kit" crystal
  • Essential healing stone
  • Encourages its keeper to take responsibility for their actions
  • Will allow its keeper to dream big; and it will help to achieve those dreams
  • Promotes its keeper to think for their self + encourages them to live individually
  • Commonly used in meditation to help visualise goals
  • Receptive when intentions are set on it
  • Promotes happiness and joy

Yellow Serpentine in Healing: 

  • Encourages fertility
  • Known to balance hormones
  • Said to help protect its keepers’ heart from hurt, sadness and grief
  • Helps its keeper to step away from their past and start fresh

Yellow Serpentine for those with psychic abilities: 

  • Known to help prevent psychic attacks
  • Great for those who are just starting on their psychic journey - it will encourage optimism and to keep trying when something may not go to plan