Silver Leaf Jasper

Silver Leaf Jasper Meaning + Metaphysical Abilities:

  • With its balance of colors, silver leaf jasper is a stone that promotes balance. It provides strength of purpose, promotes stability and like all jaspers is a grounding stone. During meditation, it is believed to awaken its holders to a sense of joy.

  • Reiki practitioners have been known to use silver leaf jasper as a wholistic or whole body wellness stone.

  • Like all black/grey stones, silver leaf jasper also encourages willpower. It's worn by independent, highly disciplined people or by people who aren't highly disciplined but would like to be!

  • Silver Leaf Jasper is an excellent protection stone, providing protection for both travellers and astral travellers.

Silver Leaf Jasper in Healing:

  • Silver Leaf Jasper acts as an energetic tonic for anyone recovering from long term illness and boosts the immune system.

  • Silver Leaf Jasper has an affinity for healing and restructuring both muscular and cellular tissue.

  • Some also say that it brings a general sense of physical wellness.

  • Soothes the stomach.

  • Aids in healing the reproductive system dysfunctions.

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