Jade Meaning + Metaphysical Properties: 

  • Said to bring prosperity, abundance, good luck and wisdom
  • A symbol of longevity, eternal youth and happiness
  • Helps you to discover your inner truth and to help you to dispose of negative patterns which are currently holding you back from reaching your full potential
  • If you or someone you know, is trying to save for something important but constantly find that you are spending your money before you can even think about saving it; make sure to keep some jade nearby to counteract impulsive behaviour and purchases. 

Jade in Healing: 

  • Said to help treat the kidneys and help to remove harmful toxins from the body
  • Assists in fertility and child birth
  • Jade has calming and soothing properties, it eliminates fear, comforts and calls for benevolence
  • Jade helps the heart to find compassion to make the right decisions, balances emotions, and gives modest and clear ideas