Polychrome Jasper Meaning + Metaphysical Meaning 

  • Also known as Desert Jasper
  • Strongly connected to the element of fire
  • Revitalizes the mind, body and spirit
  • Fills its keeper with positivity, strength and love
  • Helps you to approach seemingly un-changeable situations with a new outlook and with new ideas
  • Inspires its keeper to live a positive life
  • Great stress reliever
  • Helps to overcome conflict
  • Creates a feeling of security and stability
  • Gives courage and determination
  • Aids in giving its keeper a renewed sense of life, strength and vitality.
  • Has the ability to enhance its keeper’s creativity
  • If you have recently gone through an upset, a heartbreak or suffering a setback, this crystal will help to heal the pain and inspire happiness in its keeper’s life. Much like magic, this crystal can make your wildest dreams come true. 

Polychrome Jasper in Health: 

  • Said to help remove toxins from the body
  • Improves the function of the intestines and stomach
  • Great for treating indigestion and allergies
  • Can relieve symptoms of gastro, constipation, IBS, Chrohn's disease and other stomach related issues.
  • Removes the feeling of exhaustion
  • Known to help treat conditions of the skin

Polychrome Jasper in relationships: 

  • Known to help fix any unstable emotions within a partnership. Polychrome Jasper can also help deepen your connection with your partner. It will encourage you to make positive changes in your relationship, so that both you and your partner can benefit from it. Polychrome Jasper can help to refresh and rejuvenate existing relationships, and help to bring the excitement, passion and love back! If you are single, this crystal can help attract love and relationships. If you are struggling to find love, this crystal will help you to keep energized on your search.