Zebra Jasper Meaning and Metaphysical Abilities 

  • Running a race? Competing in a triathlon? Weekend sports hitting you hard? Wear a piece of Zebra Jasper on you to help push you physically when you feel like giving up!
  • Helps to focus on creative energies. Great for those who feel they have hit a creative block. Zebra Jasper can help release the block and encourage imaginative thinking
  • Said to bring motivation to those who are chasing their dreams
  • Great for those who are wanting to be more financially stable
  • Great study mate, Zebra Jasper will improve your clarity
  • Known to give its keeper the confidence they lack

Zebra Jasper in Healing 

  • Traditionally used to help balance the masculine and feminine energies
  • Known to help balance the chakras
  • Can help pave the way towards the things you need, not what you want
  • Said to be beneficial for those struggling to move on from the past. It has great healing abilities and can push you to move on and forgive those who have hurt you previously.

Zebra Jasper in Health 

  • Known to boost physical endurance
  • Traditionally used to help raise energy levels
  • Helps to cleanse, clear and rejuvenate its keeper’s mental health
  • Said to help treat osteoporosis
  • Can be used to help subside muscle spasms
  • Beneficial for those with gum and teeth problems
  • Said to help improve skin conditions
  • Known to help have an overall soothing effect on muscles
  • Great for those who are unsure if they have an addiction to something; eg: alcohol, drugs, gambling etc. It will show you the truth; even if you do not believe it
  • Can help those to overcome addictions

Zebra Jasper in Relationships 

  • Encourages its keeper to feel sympathy and empathy
  • If you feel your relationship is lacking stability; introduce zebra jasper into your life to help strengthen the bond between you and your partner
  • Encourages both partners to stop bickering
  • If you are always focusing on the bad, or the negatives in people; this stone will allow you to see and focus on the good
  • Feel like your relationship is too serious? Feel like you've forgotten to have fun? This stone will encourage a new sense of playfulness between partners
  • This stone is known to encourage affection between partners
  • Said to help improve trust

Zebra Jasper for those with psychic abilities 

  • Helps to guard against negative energies
  • Helps to keep its keeper grounded
  • Can protect against psychic attacks
  • Great to use in meditation