Septarian Crystal Meaning + Metaphysical Properties: 

  • If you find yourself constantly oversharing your thoughts or feelings, this crystal will help you to bite your tongue during those social settings
  • Septarian helps its keeper to understand the true meaning of life
  • Use this crystal in the workplace to help problem solving and analytical skills
  • Helps to bring energized feelings into its keepers’ life
  • If you are amid a crisis or an upsetting situation, use Septarian to help keep you cool, calm and collected
  • Aids in keeping unwanted attention away from its keeper
  • Encourages its keeper to be more mindful of the earth
  • If you, or someone you know is going through a lawsuit, keep Septarian in your corner to help put the odds in your favour. It will also help those who are often conducting large public speaking seminars, or even children who must present in front of a large group of people. 

Septarian in Health: 

Septarian is the absolute, best crystal to have with you if you suffer from seasonal affective disorder. It helps its keeper to combat and take on depression in a positive way - and helps he keeper to overcome it. 

Septarian for those with Psychic Abilities: 

Septarian enables its keeper to manifest positive ideas and actions. Healers often use this crystal to help point them in the right direction as to where a disease or source of pain is coming from. 

Septarian should be given to those who need stress relief. Septarian Eggs are often thought to harness a huge healing potential and are often used to give comfort to those who need it.