Fire Quartz

Fire Quartz Meaning + Metaphysical Abilities: 

  • It has a meaning and properties of vitalizing the owner's energy. All the energy inside the body can be stimulated by Fire Quartz.

  • It is a very powerful and dependable gemstone.

  • Fire Quartz also has a meaning and properties of enhancing the ability to take actions.

  • It is often used for solving practical problems, not mental problems.

  • Quartz is well known for being able to amplify, store, and direct the flow of energy. The amplification aspect is extremely useful.

  • Fire Quartz is a strong crystal that can increase your fire and change it into pure, white light.

Fire Quartz in Healing:

  • The healing properties of this stone are valuable for releasing energy blockages and increasing vitality.

  • Fire Quartz helps you find your authentic self, releases past traumas, brings hope, joy, and enthusiasm to the user, and encourages an enthusiastic approach to life and personal power.

  • It is good for the manifestation of one's dreams, often used in building self-confidence or overcoming fears.

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