Moonstone Crystal Meaning + Metaphysical Abilities: 

  • Promotes stability, clarity and focus.

  • Connects deeply to the moon and its cycles.

  • Known to be a symbol of fertility.

  • Reminds us to steadily move forward in life and go with the flow.

  • Use Moonstone if you regularly set intentions or perform rituals in line with the cycle of the moon.

  • Helps to bring out the creativity within its keeper.

  • Can either soothe or heighten emotions around the time of the full moon.

  • Wearing Moonstone can help to bring out its keepers’ inner child; especially if you feel like you've lost yourself.

  • Often referred to as the stone of new beginnings.

Moonstone in Healing: 

  • Helps to open the mind and to see all the possibilities of what life can mean and hold for its keeper.

  • Helps to soothe stress and stabilize emotions.

  • Provides deep emotional healing and alleviates emotional stress.

    Cleanses the mind and body of negativity.

  • Moonstone is said to be extremely beneficial for the female reproductive system. It will also aid PMS, conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and even breastfeeding. Moonstone is said to remove harmful toxins and fluid from the body and alleviate degenerative conditions and diseases. 

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