Kambaba Jasper

Kambaba Jasper Meaning + Metaphysical Abilities: 

  • Encourages peace and simplicity.

  • Said to bring calm and relaxation to its keepers’ life.

  • Brings protection and comfort.

  • A great study mate! Will help to improve focus and retention of information.

  • Great to get rid of constant nightmares or bad dreams.

  • Promotes a peaceful sleep.

  • Known to bring abundance into its keepers’ life.

  • Feeling nervous about an upcoming event? Take a piece of Kambaba Jasper with you to help you to overcome your fears.

  • Said to bring luck, and good financial situations to its keepers’ life.

  • Known to help some move up in their careers.

  • Great for those who are visibly upset, or if you feel yourself heading for a downward spiral; grab your Kambaba Jasper to help calm you down and to help soothe yourself.

  • Said to help create new opportunities for its keepers; Kambaba Jasper will constantly open the door to new and exciting things.

  • Provides a warm, loving and healing vibration.

Kambaba Jasper in Healing:

  • Said to help to cleanse the body and soul.

  • Helps to ground its keeper.

  • An excellent meditation crystal.

  • Said to help its keeper let go of negative memories, negative energy and negative thoughts.

  • Said to encourage happiness.

  • Great for those who are looking to make a new beginning.

  • Encourages its keeper to accept change.

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