Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian Meaning + Metaphysical Abilities: 

  • Helps to balance the mind, body and spirit.

  • Dispels negativity away from its keeper.

  • Relieves anxiety and stress.

  • Gives its keeper a feeling of calmness, stability and security.

  • Often used to cleanse one’s aura or general area / space.

  • Said to help people be less greedy; and give to the needy.

  • If you are constantly worrying about things you don't need to be; carry around a piece of Snowflake Obsidian to enable you to think clearly.

  • Great study mate - it is said to help its keeper retain and remember important information.

Snowflake Obsidian in Healing: 

  • Enables its keeper to remain calm in distressing, chaotic and difficult times.

  • Said to bring supressed emotions to the surface and encourage its keeper to work through their emotions and feelings.

  • Traditionally used to promote healthy and smooth skin.

  • Commonly used to help remove feelings of loneliness.

  • Often referred to as a stone of purity and cleansing.

  • Can often show its keeper their main weaknesses and enable them with the power to turn them into strengths.

  • Excellent for those who are detoxing.

  • Often said to help people lose weight.

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