Hematite Meaning + Metaphysical Properties: 

  • An effective grounding + anchoring crystal
  • Alleviates negative energy and prevents negative energies from entering its keeper’s aura
  • Boosts its keeper’s self-esteem, courage and confidence
  • Said to be a useful crystal for overcoming addiction, obsession and compulsions
  • Stimulates concentration and focus - a great study mate, especially when studying or doing mathematics

Hematite In Healing: 

  • Harmonizes the mind, body and spirit
  • Said to help support timid women
  • Encourages power and reliability
  • Helps to remove self-doubt
  • Said to help its keeper come to term with past mistakes and accept / learn from them rather than dwell and cry over them
  • Hematite is also said to help with symptoms of insomnia, cramps and anxiety
  • Often used when someone is trying to quit the following: smoking, overeating and any form of over indulgence
  • It is said to support the kidneys in cleansing blood and helping to regenerate tissues