Ocean jasper

Ocean Jasper Crystal Meaning + Metaphysical Abilities: 

  • Great stress reliever.

  • Use when meditating to induce a deep calm.

  • Ask your ocean jasper stone to take away any negativity in your life + watch the negativity fade away.

  • A crystal of renewal and strength.

  • Encourages its keeper to love both their self and others.

  • Provides a gentle, nurturing energy and vibration.

  • Helps to instil patience.

  • Encourages happiness, love and positivity.

Ocean Jasper Crystal in Healing: 

  • If you are having trouble loving yourself, hold a piece of jasper to help transform any negative thoughts into positive ones.

  • Ocean Jasper will also help those who are adjusting to any sudden changes. 

  • It is also said to help its keeper to be more empathetic to others emotional needs. 

  • Ocean jasper can be particularly useful to help resolve past emotional issues and to help create a more positive attitude for the future. 

  • Known to help heal and get rid of unnecessary obsessions.

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