Fossil Coral

Fossil Coral Meaning + Metaphysical Abilities: 

  • Fossil coral is a natural gemstone that is created when prehistoric coral is gradually replaced with agate. Corals are marine animals and it is their skeletons that are fossilized and preserved. The fossil coral forms through hardened deposits left by silica-rich waters. The entire process can take over 20 million years.

  • Fossilized Coral is not only a grounding stone, but a stone of change, meaning it can help us make the longstanding changes we have been putting off and help us stick with them.

  • It is an excellent stone for embarking down a new path with steady, resolute energy.

  • With such permeable grounding energy, it comes as no surprise that Fossilized Coral connects with Taurus, one of the most grounded and reliable Earth Signs in the Zodiac.

  • Fossil coral is a fossilized mineral that with the energies of nature enhances the longevity of its holder.

Fossil Coral in Healing:

  • It is supposed to mend the disorders of the pancreas (insulin-producing), and perk up blood circulation as well as breathing capability. Further known to be right on the peel, it also cures the troubles of the eyes and abdomen.

  • Agatized fossil coral terms as the nature’s mineral that holds the capability to forces of the cosmos as well as the liveliness of the gifted life.

  • Fossil coral is employed to truss the circulatory system of the torso along with the renaissance of the tissues.

  • Fossil coral is known to award wisdom and modesty to its carrier. It further whispers that Fossil Coral eases hassle as well as suspicions to plump for an unwavering family life. It warfare's the idiocy, edginess as well as fears. 
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