Fire & Ice

 Fire & Ice Meaning + Metaphysical Abilities:

  • Fire & Ice is a unique-looking crystal that’s unlike others you might have in your collection. As its name would suggest, the stone has several tiny cracks behind its smooth facade! The fractals produce a mysterious appearance while providing tons of flexibility to the crystal’s energy supply.

  • Fire & Ice Quartz is produced when Quartz is quickly heated, then super cooled, to give the crackled effect, producing lots of rainbows internally in the crystals.

  • This is a very high vibration Quartz that helps to balance light and dark, heal past lives, assists manifesting and helps with new beginnings.

  • It empowers us, helping us to see and tap into our own strengths and abilities, rather than doing the work for us.

  • They sit well in the hand, are perfect for the centre of grids and distance healing as well as looking good on the shelf when you aren't working with them.

Fire & Ice in Healing:

  • Don’t let this crystal’s quasi-human-made status fool you. Its healing properties are still powerful enough to facilitate lasting change.

  • Crackle Quartz can have a massive influence on your emotional well-being. Keeping it close can lead to immense growth and a noticeable change in your mental strength.

  • The meaning of this stone teaches you how to let go of unwanted or unneeded emotions. Rather than holding on to things that no longer serve you, your mind is free to let them go and make room for more nurturing feelings.

  • You may find yourself letting go of grudges or allowing brief moments of frustration to fall right off you.
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