Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine Meaning + Metaphysical Properties: 

  • A crystal of prosperity
  • Strong connection to the devic kingdom (Gardens, Flora)
  • Protects against environmental pollution
  • Diffuses negative situations and brings them under control
  • Reinforces leadership qualities in natural born leaders
  • Promotes quick decision making
  • A natural crystal soother
  • Known to attract good luck

Green Aventurine In Healing: 

  • Traditionally used to help dissipate the symptoms of nausea
  • Known to help relieve depression and general sadness
  • Said to help stimulate growth in young children and help intellectual development
  • Useful for those with heart conditions
  • Helps to soothe emotional wounds
  • If you find yourself stuck in a volatile or unhealthy relationship; Green Aventurine will help you to really see whats happening around you, it will allow you to step away from any relationship which is no longer serving you. Green Aventurine is commonly known to help its keeper move forward in a direction which will benefit them. It will also allow its keeper to shed disruptive or negative life patterns. 
  • Green Aventurine will give its keeper a new sense of life and all the enjoyments that come along with it. It will provide you with a new-found joy, and sense of happiness. During these new paths of direction; Green Aventurine will have its keepers back and help push them onto the right path.