Howlite Meaning + Metaphysical Properties: 

  • Helps to promote a deep peace + calm feeling for its keeper
  • Provides you with the gift of enlightenment
  • Great to use as a stress reliever
  • Encourages the elimination of rage, negative energies and worrying thoughts
  • Known to reduce anxiety
  • Put a piece under your pillow before going to bed to help reduce over thinking
  • An extremely calming crystal

Howlite In Healing: 

  • Will help you to let go of past relationships / any feelings which no longer serve you in the highest of good
  • Teaches patience
  • Helps to overcome selfishness
  • Stills the mind and is excellent for meditation
  • Strengthens memory and stimulates a want for wisdom
  • Howlite is traditionally used to help treat insomnia and any issues which may arise from
  • Howlite is also known to help balance calcium levels in the body..