Georgia Cassidy

Georgia is compelling. Creative consultant by day, she can be found traveling upstate or breaking a sweat at East River Pilates in her down time. Meet Georgia at McCarren Park with her Studio Bag gunmetal hardware.

Nomads: What's something about you most people don't know? Georgia:  I was accidentally born on a couch… true story.

3 things that are in your Nomads bag that sum you up:  Book, headphones, chapstick… dark chocolate.

What are you currently watching? Abstract! Netflix docu series. Do it!

What activist cause are you fully behind right now? Women’s health. I’m a huge advocate for Planned Parenthood, but I’d like to focus more on independent clinics.

Where are you at noon on a Sunday? Recently, Fort Tilden if I'm in town. Otherwise, East River Pilates or making brunch at home.

Favorite weekend getaway? North Fork, Springs NY and anywhere upstate! Shelter Island is also magical. 

Best coffee shop in NYC? Coffee Peddler in SoHo

Where's your go-to smoothie? Grassroots!

What do you eat when you want to indulge? Tacos

What's your favorite exercise right now?  Pilates love focussing more on form + i truly feel stronger afterwards.

What's your best advice on wellness + health? Everyone's body + needs are different. Do what is right for you, not the person next to you. Also, I'm an anti-extremist. Everything in moderation!