Garnierite Meaning + Metaphysical Properties: 

  • Traditionally used to help instil self confidence in its keeper
  •  Known to radiate universal love
  • Great for those who work in a caring industry. E.g.; nurse, aged care worker, child care etc
  • Encourages its keeper to keep going when life gets tough
  • Helps its keeper to be more financially stable - to save more and spend less
  • When you don't know what to do, if you're stuck at a fork in the road, Garnierite will show you the way
  • Those with gastro-intestinal issues, gallbladder issues, digestive issues or general stomach issues should grab a piece of Garnierite for their collection.  
  • Most often associated with the heart chakra
  • If you find it hard to express yourself, this crystal is the one for you. Garnierite is known to help its keeper speak what they are feeling; even when it seems impossible to do so
  • Great for those with issues of self-confidence and self-love

Garnierite In Healing:

  • Garnierite's positive energy and grounding properties relieve stress, depression, and anxiety
  • It is particularly helpful for soothing panic attacks.
  • This stone promotes heart health, and it also treats the muscular system.
  • Garnierite can aid in alleviating your symptoms.