Chrysanthemum Stone Meaning + Metaphysical Abilities: 

  • Helps its keeper to relax and keep calm.

  • Like Blossom Agate, Chrysanthemum Stone encourages its keeper to “blossom” and to reach their full potential.

  • Feel like you can never quite reach the goals you’ve set for yourself? Chrysanthemum stone will push you until you reach that final step to achieve your dreams.

  • Said to help manifest dreams.

  • Encourages creativity.

  • Attracts abundance.

  • Said to be a stone of good luck.

  • A great stone for those who have just started, or thinking about starting a new business; it will encourage new idea’s and promote a sense of determination in its keeper.

Chrysanthemum Stone in Healing: 

  • Beneficial for those who feel they aren’t enjoying life like they used to; it will help to instilll a new sense of fun, joy and love of life.

  • Encourages its keeper to understand their sole purpose in life.

  • Allows its keeper to move forward past traumatic events, and encourages change and emotional healing.

  • Said to balance the chakras and remove negative energy from one’s aura.

  • Known to help with feelings of self-love and self-acceptance.

  • Said to help treat skin conditions.

  • Feel like you aren’t living the healthiest life? Chrysanthemum stone will help you to stay on track if you’re following a strict diet.

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