Azurite + Malachite

Azurite + Malachite Meaning + Metaphysical Abilities: 

  • Azurite is commonly known as a crystal of the angelic, spiritual and heavenly realms
  • Azurite enables its keeper to see their life as though they are just looking in
  • Azurite helps to stimulate its keeper’s creativity and passions in life
  • The combination of both is said to allow your spirit to shine through, no matter what difficulties or hardships you have faced in life
  • Will encourage its keeper to think of others more so than to only think of them self
  • Often associated with wealth, abundance and prosperity
  • Place a piece in your workplace to promote healthy relationships between team mates
  • Dispels negative energy
  • Can help encourage happiness and joy
  • Be aware that this crystal should only be used by those with no underlying deep-seated depression. It can often amplify any of our emotions; thus, not great for those who are feeling like they are sitting on the edge of both worlds.

Azurite + Malachite in Healing: 

  • Said to help give its keeper feelings of love, compassion and serenity
  • Known to help its keeper to change repetitive destructive patterns into something more positive and loving
  • Calms stress and anxiety
  • Good for those who have recently been through something traumatic or disheartening - Azurite + Malachite will provide you will a warm, soothing and loving vibration
  • Traditionally used to help heal muscle, bone and joint related problems
  • Can aid people who have problems with their eye sight, digestive issues and help with symptoms of chronic pain