Blue Aventurine

Blue Aventurine Meaning + Metaphysical Abilities:

  • Blue Aventurine is of the Quartz variety that’s characterized by its brilliant Mica inclusions and other minerals that give its glistening or shimmering effect, which is also known as aventure scence.

  • Blue Aventurine is very useful when it comes to removing bad habits and healing certain physical issues. It also has the ability to activate and purify your chakras

  • Everyone possesses a psychic ability, but the levels will differ greatly. When you want to activate your psychic powers, you can start by placing a piece of Blue Aventurine underneath your pillow for a few weeks.

  • Blue Aventurine is also advantageous to have in your career or professional life. It will help you bring your leadership, management, and organizational abilities to the fore.

Blue Aventurine in Healing:

  • Blue Aventurine can help balance your hormones. The levels and conditions of women’s hormones can be irregular for a number of reasons.

  • It can reinforce the arterial walls and strengthen both the respiratory and circulatory systems for enhanced oxygenation.

  • It can help you with issues of concentration, hyperactivity, and mental focus. It can also ease the pains brought about by headaches, migraine, insomnia, and eye problems.

  • It can help in treating the common cold, as well as congestion, cough, allergies, and even sinus problems. It can ease facial tics, physical pains, chronic stiffness, muscle twitches, and spasms.

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