Calcite Meaning + Metaphysical Abilities:

  • Symbolises Cleansing and enabling a better energy flow throughout the body and aura
  • Enables its keeper to go with the flow
  • Looking to make a fresh start? Calcite is the best crystal to carry with you when you are about to make changes within your life
  • Great for those who are studying or trying to learn something new - a great study mate!
  • Helps its keeper to achieve their goals
  • Fantastic for those who are financially struggling, it will show you the way of saving money and spending wisely!
  • Traditionally used to help increase prosperity, abundance and a general love of life
  • Said to bring good luck to business owners

Calcite Healing Information: 

  • Known to help dispel negative energies from the aura and body
  • Said to be able to lift moods, disperse anger and help those who are going through a mental crisis
  • Brings inner peace to those struggling with their past
  • Great for those who struggle with bad patterns, negative attachments or those who find it hard to stop anger outbursts